Reduce Child’s Anxiety & socialize with friends
Promote long-term
Nourishment & achieve a healthy life for children
A balanced and healthy diet keeps cold and cough away..
Children’s Wellness Programs lessen hyperactivity
and keep your child focused at school
Include Fruits and vegetables in child diet,
help the child to improve immunity and resistance power
IT enabled wellness services delivers access to school wellness programs at just a click
Our Team of experts ensure to deliver School Wellness Programs efficiently
Basil School Wellness Services - Putting Equilibrium Between School & Health
Basil school wellness is a complete wellness service for schools and other academic institutes. This service delivers a variety of nutritional and psychological tools to help students, teachers and parents address the dietary, psychological and health challenges faced by school children and youth of today.

Our vision is to ensure ‘Complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and enhance life of school children’. This is fulfilled by our online wellness programs for schools. 

In school, teachers are the greatest source of influence in the lives of children while parents are better able to respond to health needs of their children and contribute to their well-being at home. 

Basil school wellness is a comprehensive guide that provides information, practical health assessment tools and wellness solutions for raising health standards of school children. Benefits of Basil school wellness programs are:
  • Identify children’s health issues early and narrate the health risks
  • Have a daily high attendance
  • Encourage positive changes in children’s lifestyle through Diet and Psychology counseling
  • Get to know Health Audit Report of School
  • Wellness workshops are conducted regularly for teachers, children and parents
  • Complete access to database and articles on Diet and Psychology
  • Awareness regarding your child’s health
 Our programs will make school authorities aware of health status of children. You will find different areas of information on nutrition, psychology and various health topics. This wellness service is developed by Experts at Basil wellness.

We offer the following Health services for schools..
Assessment is the process of gathering information about children from several forms of evidence, then organizing and interpreting that information.